Push Notifications are not working on your Unlocked and Hacktivated device? Are you looking for a fix? Can't you use application such as Viber or Skype?

Push Fixer will provide you a unique certificate set to inject on your Unlocked and Hacktivated device. Push notifications will work perfectly as on an iPhone activated officially via iTunes. Push Fixer is tested with Whited00r: users will be able to enabled the Push Notifications in few simple steps, since they will find a built-in tool to inject the fix.

Push Fixer is a premium service. The generation of unique sets for push notification is power and time consuming. The price for a set is really cheap and it allow us to continue offering this service.

Currently we support and sell push sets to Whited00r 6 and Whited00r 7 users only. All other customers will not get support, guarantee, refund or instruction to inject push certificate set on their device.